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Trying to draw Ryan’s hair like:

Posted 1 week ago

Totally misread this request as Hitman!Ray, so sorry about that! :\

Anyway, hope this turned out okay. (Apparently I have a hard time making things look like they are affected by gravity, but hey! that gun looks like a gun so yay for me.)

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Okay, requests are now open! I’d prefer RT-related requests, but it really depends on what people want.

Posted 1 week ago

Should I open up requests again? I just really want to draw, but i’m getting stuck trying to work on the one picture I have going right now. So maybe drawing other stuff will help me get back into the drawing groove???

Posted 1 week ago

Trying to practice lighting and stuff, not super happy with how this turned out.

Outfit based on designs by the amazing mrpinstripesuit. I’ve actually really missed drawing King AU stuff.

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Usually, I start with a really basic head shape and start building a rough sketch of what I want the finished drawing to look like. At this point, I also start grabbing any references I need.

My rough sketch can vary in level of detail depending on what I’m drawing, but once I’m pretty happy with it, I switch to a smaller brush and start doing the lineart on a new layer.

While I’m doing the lineart, I use the references I grabbed to fill in details that were missing from my sketch, such as face and nose shape.

Hope this was at least a little helpful or informative! If you’d like me to expand on anything, feel free to ask!

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I saw a post about Puffadder Shysharks and how they do this thing where if they're threatened they curl up in a ball and cover their eyes with their tails and instantly thought of your Shark!Ryan :D
firewolf1800 asked


Aaaaahh, shysharks are unbearably cute! ‘Predator’ hybrids with cute habits are my kryptonite, so I had to draw this.

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Bunch of dragon-related doodles, mostly expression practice with dragon!Ray. (Big dumb teeth are my favourite things to draw.) The Ray and Ryan at the bottom are just alternate, more dragony designs.

Also, bonus baby tundra because I realized I haven’t drawn an actual animal in forever.

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four things. firstly, would Shark!Ryan be able to breath under water or do the gills not work, secondly i think Mudpuppy!Gavin would be super cute if his little gill things could fold back and flared out when ever he's startled. third where's Dragon!Gavin D: and lastly is you avatar a very angry Gavin? o.0
firewolf1800 asked

Unfortunately, Shark!Ryan’s gills are purely aesthetic. Their position on his body makes it impossible for water to pass through them. However, other marine hybrids may be able to breathe underwater if their gills are located near the neck.

Speaking of which, Gavin’s external gills would both be mobile and capable of limited respiration, so I imagine they would twitch and move depending on his mood.

Dragon!Gavin is coming eventually! I just wanted to take a bit of a break and draw some requests. I’m hoping to get Gavin’s design down and posted soonish, but I’m still going to be working on other things as well.

My avatar is actually an old piece of art I did of grimdark!Gavin from the RTstuck AU!

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I had a thought about Viper!Ryan in the hybrid au, would he exaggerate s's(how do plurals on s work?) Or would that be a myth like cats have 9 lives?
pondsplash800 asked

It would really depend on whether or not he has a forked tongue, which could effect his speech, I guess? Even if he didn’t he’d probably do it as a joke sometimes.