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What if the tail had a mind of it's own and it knows Geoff is scared of it, so whenever it's angry at Geoff it goes out of it's way to scare the hell out of him. Like, imagine in the PT Let's Watch it slowly slithers it's way onto Geoff's shoulder and then quietly flicked it's tongue out at Geoff's neck. Pretty sure the guys would have to call an ambulance for Geoff and anyone else who died laughing.
fandom-boner asked

Oh poor Geoff! Snake-based shenanigans are like half the reason I made Geoff a chimera. If his tail had a mind of its own, Geoff would never have a moment of peace! That PT Let’s Watch would be his life.

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Omg, for Chimera!Geoff can you imagine him being perpetually scared of this snake tail? Like, he forgets he has it and then he turns around and sees it and basically screams like a little girl?
fandom-boner asked

Yessss! I assume he’d probably get used to it eventually, but ever so often he’ll see it out of the corner of his eye and have a mini heart attack. Like in the middle of a Let’s Play he just lets out a little ‘eep!’

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Sketch for the piece I’m currently working on. I wasn’t 100% on Chimera!Geoff at first, but now I am all about it. Hopefully I don’t butcher this sketch when I try and line it.

(For now, I’m going to be tagging all my sketches as ‘kiwi sketches’)

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Since I’m back in school now and won’t be able to work on art as much, would people like me to sometimes post ‘work-in-progress’ stuff or should I just keep posting finished pieces only?

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(I chose the best time to get into this monster au because October is just around the corner. I’m gonna draw so many spooky scary monster people.)

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well uh you said you are open for any questions, so i am wondering how often you draw? daily, or do you just draw when you want to? (i love your art style by the way, you're like 88% of my art inspiration)
pattillos asked

Um, I guess you could say it varies? When I’m working on something that I plan on posting, I usually work on it every day until its done and then take maybe a day break unless I’ve already got more ideas. So really it depends on if I have the motivation/inspiration (plus time between sleep and school), but I definitely try to draw as often as possible!

(Also, thank you so much, that means a lot to me!)

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Me realizing I don’t know how to draw something I really wanted to draw:

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I have a question...How did you get into the hybrids or monsters au drawing? I mean your drawings are so amazingly done.
gfangirl10188 asked

Ahhh, thank you! I kinda stumbled into the RT hybrid AU. I ran into some of Padalickingood's hybrid art in the RT tags and it was like “Whoa, this is so cool!!” I basically fell in love with all of their art and I just had to draw stuff for the AU.

(As for the monster AU, I haven’t really drawn anything for it yet, unless you count my RT dragons. But I love the AU and plan on drawing stuff for it in the future because a) I love monsters and b) I’ve seen some awesome and inspiring art both in the tags and on my dash)

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Yo, if anyone ever has any questions for me, my ask is always open.

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Do you have monster AU headcanons?
queencoeurl asked

I don’t really have any concrete headcanons yet since I really love all the ideas that are floating around. However, I have been considering a couple that I’d like to draw in the future including griffin or chimera!Geoff, (non-horse) centaur!Ryan, and Grim!Ray.

Besides that, I like the idea that they’re all still hanging out and working together in the office, despite being ‘monsters.’ (Also the fake ah crew monster au is awesome!)