Posted 16 hours ago
Did you draw you avatar? If so, can we see the full version of it?
priestessofeste asked

I actually meant to post this way back when I first drew it, but I never got around to it.


Posted 17 hours ago

Still taking requests!

Posted 1 day ago
Hi there, don't suppose you could do more tiger!Ryan? Please and thank you <3
alpha-two-always-wins asked


Here ya go, Ryan the Tiger Guy!

Posted 2 days ago
Hey! I know this is kind of weird, but you're one of the artists I really look up to and I love all your work. I want to be an artist (not necessarily professionally) but a decent artist and I was hoping I could ask you for some advice. Where do you start the process for becoming a good artist? Do you trace things until you get a good feel and then go beyond that. Do you just try to sketch things over and over again until you get better? Any thoughts? Thank you! Sorry if this bugs you
danthewolfman asked

It doesn’t bug me at all! In terms of advice for becoming a good artist (although I don’t consider myself one yet), I wouldn’t really suggest tracing stuff, simply because I don’t think it’d really help you improve your skills. What I can suggest is practice and using references. It may take time, but the more you draw, the more you will improve! And don’t be afraid to try new things or techniques! I know this is kind of generic advice, but from my experience, it can really help in the long run. I hope this is at least kind of helpful!

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Request by redstoneandedgars. 
Turned out kinda creepy, hope that&#8217;s okay. :\

Request by redstoneandedgars.

Turned out kinda creepy, hope that’s okay. :\

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Gonna be taking request again, if anyone’s interested!

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Tried using a reference for this one, ended up with ‘Mogar’ instead of Michael, but I digress. Here’s Dragon hybrid!Michael (sort of)!

(His design actually changed a lot from what I originally planned, which had him as Ray’s ‘breed’ and brighter colours)

Posted 2 weeks ago

Here is actual vampire dragon hybrid!Ray, runner-up for fluffiest dragon after Jack.

Posted 2 weeks ago
do you use paint tool sai? (:
alextheachievementhunter asked

Yes! I also use a basic Photoshop program when I need transparency.

Posted 3 weeks ago

Eh, it’s dragon hybrid!Geoff, last of the dragon Gents!

(I love Geoff’s tattoos, but I hate drawing Geoff’s tattoos.)